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What is Fakin Surreal?

Fakin surreal means “Fake the Surreal.

For all the Great minds who think alone. We (Stefanos Zafeiriou Media & Art team) started the idea of Fakin Surreal for all the people in the world that like Fine Arts, Conceptual Photography and Surrealism! As a team who is trying to express feelings with photography, videos and visual illustrations, we hope you’ll find something interesting in our art gallery or something that expresses your own feelings. We focus on our own vision “Experimental Surrealism“. Every photo has an idea behind it, special feelings and thoughts! We’re trying to create something uniqe that doesn’t exist. We, also, create innovative visual engineered machines for high speed photography that can change the prespective of art. We use our patents for accurate high speed experiments. We are created and developed “ART.C”. Is an Automated Robotic System Of Precision Timing Relay Controller that uses microcontrollers with computer vision, sensors, robotics, frequency generators, high power relays and lights to automate photography experiments with high precision timing frame rates. We can make accurate automations changes in 0.001 Seconds.

Our Point of View:
We want to create a global art distribution company that delivers the new vision of experimental surrealism. Compining matterials, ideas and artists together with technology and experts we can deliver a new point of view of art.

About Stefanos Zafeiriou

I am born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece and I’m 22 years old. I am a Photographer & Artist. I, also, am a certified digital marketer from the “Grow Greek Tourism“ program by Google that’s Endorsed by IAB Europe. I have professional experience in photo and video editing, I am Studding Informatics and Electronic Systems Engineering on International Helenic University, I have worked in the Electronic Engineering and Artificial Inteligence fields as a Telecommunications engineer in Greek Hospitals and as a Data Annotator in face analysis (machine learning) algorithms. I do my own projects as well. I have been honored from the 26th European competition for young scientists as Coordinator of a system development team in the semifinals of the competition. I love to combine my two passions, media and engineering, into “visual engineering”, something new and inspiring. As a experimental photography artist I like high speed photography, 3D elementes & design, conseptual photography, abstract and surrealistic content. I want to deliver my own point of view with experimental surrealism

External Links for Experimental Surrealism.

Fakin Surreal Web Page.

Fakin Surreal Gallery Store.

More artwork.

Check more on our social media accounts.

Fakin Surreal
Stefanos Zafeiriou



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Experimental Artist, Informatics & Electronic Engineer, Photographer